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Yael Gossis always felt a passion for international architectural design and traveling. Dealing with different cultures and landscapes opens up the mind, increases creativity and enables us to pull new ideas out of the box.
So she started to explore professional opportunities abroad. She worked in Australia, USA, Sweden, Andorra, Argentina and Brazil, and traveled to over 35 countries so far.
All this allowed her to closely learn the different styles of design, architecture and the variety of plants in each country I visited.

This international experience defines her landscape architecture firm and the capacity to reach exclusive styles on each project. 
We believe that architecture is only complete when nature itself is embedded within the design, combining materials in a perfect balance. We aspire to design places that require a refined aesthetic, in addition to incorporating sensitivity and warmth into the human experience.

Our company is currently based in Brazil with a multidisciplinary and qualified team of professionals that allow us to develop every project with high quality standards. We use a variety of architectural software suited to our clients needs and we are quite experienced in teleworking and managing projects for overseas clients and partnerships. We are experienced in working with several internacional  multicultural and multilingual firms.



“Our landscape project managed to embrace our residence in an organic and natural way. It composed the surroundings, and today our landscape is a protagonist, who surprises and delights us with the transition of the seasons. ”

- Bruno,

Owner of Residence in Florianópolis


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Yael Gossis Landscape Architecture

Jurerê, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil

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